Cannot Remain Silent – Jemima Light

Recently, the Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) was condemned by the JCCV in a motion moved by the State Zionist Council of Victoria. The motion ‘deplores and condemns the [Don’t Buy from the Settlements Campaign] policy on the basis that it is repugnant.

Evening with Vivienne Porzsolt, long-time activist with Jews Against the Occupation.

  The AJDS would love to invite you to our next Israel-Palestine discussion group meeting with our guest – Vivienne Porzsolt, long-time activist with Jews Against the Occupation in Sydney. For three months last year, Vivienne spent time in the West Bank and Israel proper. There she stayed in Palestinian and Israeli homes, picked olives, took a Freedom Theatre bus […]

The AJDS and Pluralism

This letter was written by Harold Zwier, a former member of the AJDS executive, and published in the Australian Jewish News on May 16. It does not necessarily represent the views of the executive.