Josh Frydenberg – Honour your history!


You might have seen the news that Josh Frydenberg is currently defending himself against claims that he has inherited Hungarian citizenship through his mother, but that because she came to Australia as a stateless refugee, she didn’t have – or pass on – citizenship. Frydenberg has even labelled it “absurd” that a foreign power should be considered to be responsible for him.

But this has got us thinking – if Frydenberg is today thinking about and pointing to his ancestors who were stateless, maybe he should be thinking about statelessness more broadly? What about those men on Manus Island, many of whom made their way to Australia because they’re stateless?

Today’s a good day to send a clear message to Frydenberg that he needs to know, and learn from, his history. A humanitarian crisis is happening, and Frydenberg’s government is responsible. Frydenberg is responsible. Australia needs to bring the men trapped on Manus Island to safety now.

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