Parliamentary and Press Delegation to Israel–but where are the Palestinians?

The following message has been send to Kevin Rudd, parliamentarians, and journalists in the proposed delegation.
Hon Kevin Rudd
Australian Foreign Minister
Dear Minister Rudd
The Australian Jewish Democratic Society believes that in its present form the visit to Israel by a parliamentary and press
delegation hosted by the Australian Israel Leadership Forum is of limited value.

Israel's refugee parsimony

Sol Salbe.
Some time ago I circulated one of those good statements put out by the Australian Jewish community’s official leadership on the local refugees/asylum seekers issue. An Israeli friend suggested, not entirely in jest, that perhaps their efforts would be better directed at the Israeli Interior Minister and others inside Israel where the situation is much worse.
Reading Sigal Rozen’s article, maybe we should indeed lobby them to lobby the Israeli leadership.

Transfer option gains Traction

Twenty or thirty years ago, talk about the transfer of Israeli Palestinians out of their homeland to somewhere else was beyond the pale, something only found amongst the right.
But today, even amongst the most elite of American immigrants to Israel, such talk has currency as does the abandonment of democracy and pluralism.