Racism & fascism

As a Jewish organisation, we occupy a space which holds stories and experiences of racism, fascism, genocide and of survival and resilience. 

We oppose and stand up to racism and fascism in all its forms.
And we say, NEVER AGAIN.

Jordy from AJDS and Jews against fascism at an anti-fascist rally. 

“I’m here because that’s what we do. When we see and hear what we are currently seeing and hearing in Australia and internationally.  When we witness the emboldening of the far right and neo nazis, when we see the normalisation of hatred, homophobia, antisemitism, islamophobia, racism, sexism.. We do something.  We take strategic action alongside our communities. I’m here because there are long intertwined histories of resistance and resilience in this country and around the world.”

Antisemitism is – broadly speaking – animosity, prejudice, or discrimination against Jewish people, history, religion and culture. Antisemitism is a complex form of oppression with deep historical roots, often with brutal expressions, and has evolved to adapt to various historical and cultural contexts. It works with and alongside other forms of racism, xenophobia and colonisation.

Read our statement and FAQ on antisemitism

AJDS panel on racism, 2015

From Australia to Israel/ Palestine- Transnational solidarity against the intersections of colonialism and racism. 2019



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Jews Against Fascism (JAF)

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Avi Yemini
AJDS statement on Avi Yemini and the rise of fascist racism.
read statement
and 7+ times Avi consorted with neo-nazis
Racism panel
The panel organsied by AJDS featured Linda Briskman, Professor of human rights and long standing AJDS member; Samia Khatun, historian of colonised peoples and author on Australian race relations; Crystal McKinnon, Amangu woman researching Indigenous resistance to oppression through the use of creative arts;  Micaela Sahhar, Australian-Palestinian writer, poet and researcher on Israeli national narratives and its impact; and Mohamad Tabbaa, PhD candidate in Criminology and Law who has worked within the Muslim community in Melbourne. 

Listen here.