Antisemitism and criticism of Israel

Watch the video June 22nd,  7:00-9:00PMFor close to a year we at AJDS have been working with Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN) on a joint statement on antisemitism and the criticism of Israel. It’s been an amazing and sometimes challenging undertaking, to really engage and critically talk through what antisemitism is, as well as the ways antisemitism […]

radical online seder

Tilt your webcams to the left and leave a Zoom link out for Eliyahu Hanavi: Here, Queer, and Jewish Australia, Sydney Left Jews, Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS), Fully Automated Luxury Kosher Space Kibbutz and Jews against fascism are hosting a digital Seder! In these dark times of plague, illuminate your face with the cerulean […]

Purim Party

Follow the facebook event for details on artists and performances Still here. Still resisting. Come Party!!! Hosted by AJDS, Jews Against Fascism, Here Queer and Jewish and fully automated luxury kosher space kibbutz , we’re bringing together a range of our communities, and Jewish performers for one big party! Come build community, celebrate, and help us […]

Gaza freedom flotilla

Ship to Gaza info night Since 2008 activists around the world have been sailing to Gaza to break through the Israeli siege and pressure governments to take action. Under a global coalition- Freedom Flotilla Coalition- this year another boat will embark on this journey. On the panel: Samah Sabawi is a Gazan Palestinian living in […]

Jewish museum trip

Join us on a group excursion to the Jewish Museum!Feb 16th. 2:00pmThere is currently a gorgeous exhibition at the Melbourne Jewish Museum which has been curated by one of our own executive members- Dr Jordy Silverstein. ‘Wild: Stories of a community pushing boundaries’ explores what it was like to create a new Jewish community in Australia, […]

Annual dinner 2019

Please join us for a wonderful evening where we come together to celebrate our small (but growing) AJDS community 🍷 We are honoured and excited to be joined by guest speaker Madeline Wells from SEED. Madeline is a Palawa/Koorie woman who grew up in Tasmania. After spending the last 5 years volunteering for the Seed Indigenous […]

On indigeneity, colonialism and the Jewish people

This panel event is organised by the Australian Jewish Democratic Society in partnership with the Black Palestinian Solidarity conference. The event seeks to examine Israel through a framework of settler-colonialism in order to unpack the socio-political characteristics of the Israeli nation-state, and to then use this knowledge to look at models and forms of resistance […]

Sukkot picnic

Friends! 🌼🌷🌱 Sukkot is a great time to gather together, to welcome the strangers amongst us, to talk, to think and of course eat. Let’s do just that! We are gathering our old, new & growing community of Jewish Leftists & Progressives together to picnic. All* are welcome. Including any friends! 👴🏼🧔🏾🧕🏽👨🏻‍🦰 Bring some food […]

Jewish Bloc at Save Sacred Djabwurrung Landscape Rally

We invite all Jewish people (and friends) to join us in standing in solidarity with the Women of Djabwurrung. “The fight to save the sacred Djabwurrung Landscape from destruction at the hands of the Andrews Labor state government is ongoing. An eviction notice looms over protectors on country so we are going to bring the […]

Islamic museum tour

Join us on an AJDS excursion to the Islamic Museum of Australia.   The Islamic museum is the first museum of its kind in Australia.  It aims to showcase the artistic heritage and historical contributions of Muslims in Australia and abroad through the display of artworks and historical artefacts. We will attend a 1.5 hour guided […]