Stand together to stop this racist from obtaining political power!

Stand together to stop a racist from obtaining political power

For years Avi Yemini has built an alt-right cult of personality as a “Jewish leader”. As a community we can stop him, but we need to act together and we need to act now.


Recently Yemini announce that he will be running for an Upper House seat in the Victorian Parliament with the Australian Liberty Alliance, the party political wing of the most well connected Islamophobic organisation in the country, the Q-Society. 

Avi Yemini is hell bent on creating a society that fosters racism and fear, and this is his make or break year. On Facebook he has nearly 150,000 followers and he is popular with tabloid media. His success is possible.


Various alt-right causes Yemini has thrown his weight behind include blood libels against our cousins in the Muslim community, anti-black racism and criminalisation of African communities, “Safe Schools” conspiracy theories, “white genocide” in South Africa, anti-feminism, libel against refugees, ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, and imagined attacks on free speech.


Political power of any sort in the hands of a person like this is dangerous to our communities.


We also know this: beyond his online marketing skills, Yemini has been a monumental failure. He will only fail if we can stand together as a community.


Will you stand with us?


This campaign is endorsed by:

Australian Jewish Democratic Society

Jews Against Fascism