A Jewish call for serious climate action

Beyond politics – a Jewish call for serious climate actionTogether with many other Australians, Jewish people are responding to a dreadful national disaster by contributing money and support to people who have lost loved family members, homes and other property and to volunteers fighting fires or rescuing injured wildlife. (1)This is what Australians do at […]

My Jewish father found sanctuary in that town

Letter published in The AgeJan 16th, 2020.Dennis Martin It was with a heavy heart that I read the article in Tuesday’s Age about a couple in the Mallee town of Beulah flying a swastika flag over their recently purchased home. One of the home owners is reported to have defended her right to fly the […]

JNF study tour

On Dec 24th, 2019,  AJDS sent the following letter to schools participating in the JNF Australia educators study tour to Israel.Details of the tour and participating institutions can be found here.  To whom it may concern, We were recently informed that teachers from your institution have been invited to participate in a trip to Israel for […]

Jewish museum trip

Join us on a group excursion to the Jewish Museum!Feb 16th. 2:00pmThere is currently a gorgeous exhibition at the Melbourne Jewish Museum which has been curated by one of our own executive members- Dr Jordy Silverstein. ‘Wild: Stories of a community pushing boundaries’ explores what it was like to create a new Jewish community in Australia, […]

AJN letter- UK antisemitism

AJDS letter published in the Australian Jewish News. 10th Jan, 2019.While Josh Burns (UK Labor and the ALP: very different beasts, Dec 20) reflects on the UK elections and the fear in English Jewry as “Enough of a reason to celebrate the Corbyn defeat,” there seems to be a collective blind spot to Boris Johnson’s […]