radical online seder

Tilt your webcams to the left and leave a Zoom link out for Eliyahu Hanavi: Here, Queer, and Jewish Australia, Sydney Left Jews, Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS), Fully Automated Luxury Kosher Space Kibbutz and Jews against fascism are hosting a digital Seder!
In these dark times of plague, illuminate your face with the cerulean glow of your laptop screen and join us on motzei shabbos, April 11.
We’ll be starting at six and carrying on till eight (at least). Attendees are welcome to join or leave at any point!
Please book your tickets (for only $2) to get a link to the Seder and our premier Haggadah!
We are also using this opportunity to collect money to give to people who really need it right now.  All proceeds will be going to undocumented migrants and Grandmothers Against Removals.