Social change in Israel Palestine: Gesher Le-Aravit (Bridge to Arabic)

Gesher Le-Aravit (Bridge to Arabic) is a grassroots Arab-Jewish project and a unique social change model, developed by four teachers in Jisr A Zarqa, the poorest Arab village in the country. The project offers Jewish Israelis from all over the country to learn the Arabic language and culture in an Arabic-speaking environment. To this day, more than 250 Jewish Israelis visited Jisr A Zarqa to learn Arabic and to participate in a rich cultural program.

Bridge to Arabic
A cooking workshop in Arabic, offered in one of the Bridge to Arabic tours.

The project creates employment and sustainable livelihood for more than ten families in Jisr a Zarqa. Thus, Arab-Jewish dialogue is both a learning experience and a contribution to socio-economic prosperity in the village.
Understanding the language of the other is a fundamental step on the way to a shared future.
To this day, no other project in Israel-Palestine is offering such studies.
What can you do to support this project?
Offer your financial support and become our friend from abroad. The project has been running for five years and seeks partners and supporters in order to expand.
Experience learning as part of an organised or private visit to Israel. Visit us on Facebook, get in touch and help us spread the word.
gesher le aravit


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