Roadmap to peace needs new milestones

Uniquely, as far we we know, this opinion piece by two people well known in the Jewish and Arabic speaking communities in Australia has now been published on the same day(July 2, 2009), by newspapers which serve each community, the Australian Jewish News, and An-nahar. We hope that this article reflects a new era of dialogue and realism not just in Australia, that also has some influence in the Middle East.
As Israel announces it will expand Jewish settlements in the West Bank, Joseph Wakim and Harold Zwier offer hard truths to Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and say both sides must compromise if peace is to be achieved.
Joe Wakim founded the Australian Arabic Council in 1992.Ha rold Zweir is a member of the Australian Jewish Democratic Society.
“Their responses and counter responses have barely risen above the ashes of failed policies from last century, ashes that should have been buried under the bridge that is now before us. Rather than extending more olive branches from the remaining olive trees, Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas resorted to name calling and threats of dead sticks.”

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