Can Hamas be part of the political process?

Bitter Lemons is an example of a website that can offer reasoned debate over controversial issues.
Given the controversy over Hamas (a terrorist organisation or a legitimate political force?), the opinions expressed in a recent issue (July 6, 2009 Edition 26) are well worth considering. Follow the link above, and think!
* The stick-and-stick approach has failed
by Ghassan Khatib
No political process can be successful without Hamas
* Test Hamas intentions separately
by Yossi Alpher
Better to test any possible Hamas inclinations toward moderation directly.
* The world must engage Hamas
an interview with Ahmed Yousef
Hamas is part of the solution, not the problem.
* Try including Hamas
by Shlomo Brom
Since it joined the Palestinian domestic arena, Hamas has shown a clear interest in being included in the political process.

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