Israel and Palestine – the harsh truths of conflict resolution. The AJDS Position

THE US President’s recent speech in Cairo heralded a new beginning in relations between the US and the Muslim world.The Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) believes it is in the interests of all countries in the region to respond positively to the opportunity presented by this constructive re-engagement with
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
However, according to Les Rosenblatt, AJDS spokesperson, “Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s and Palestinian Authority President Abbas’s responses were predictably rooted in all the policies that have failed to resolve the conflict in the 61 years since Israel’s creation”.
“Time is running out. Israeli and Palestinian leaders need to face their fears, hopes and expectations from the opposite sides of a table, rather than through the distorting filter of the world media. They need to hear harsh truths from all
sides”.  Some of these ‘harsh truths’ are:

  • Netanyahu, if Israel truly seeks peace, direct negotiations with Abbas must begin now.
  •  Abbas, if you truly want the creation of the state of Palestine,it is time to focus all your energy on that task.
  • Netanyahu, if you want to maintain Israel as a homeland for the Jewish people you must relinquish control of the Palestinians and work with Mr Abbas to create Palestine.
  • Abbas, to be a credible negotiating partner you need to bring Hamas into the political process and present a united front with all factions recognising Israel as a sovereign state.
  • Netanyahu, the expansion of Israeli settlements works against resolving the conflict and must stop immediately.
  •  Abbas, it is time to accept that Palestine is at the centre of a solution to the Palestinian refugee problem, and real compensation is a negotiable eventuality.

The AJDS recognises that resolving the Israeli Palestinian conflict will require concessions that will leave all sides dissatisfied. Negotiations will require stamina, sustained effort and a strong political will. The renewed interest by the United States presents an opportunity that must be capitalised on. It is time we all started to imagine the potential of a Middle East with Palestine and Israel as non-violent neighbours keeping the peace.

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