AJN letter- UK antisemitism

AJDS letter published in the Australian Jewish News. 10th Jan, 2019.

While Josh Burns (UK Labor and the ALP: very different beasts, Dec 20) reflects on the UK elections and the fear in English Jewry as “Enough of a reason to celebrate the Corbyn defeat,” there seems to be a collective blind spot to Boris Johnson’s antisemitism, including in the pages of the AJN. He plays out his antisemitic fantasies in his novel ‘seventy two virgins’ with a stingy, “proud nose” Jewish character controlling the media and rigging elections.
Well done. The hysteria whipped up over Corbyn has some of us celebrating a man who is not only antisemitic, but anti- woman, queer, Muslim, brown, and immigrant.
But Johnson has said he will outlaw BDS, so I imagine more celebrations are in order, because seemingly what’s more important than tackling hate and discrimination is undivided loyalty to the State of Israel.