Statement on killings of Israeli young people

The AJDS deplores the kidnapping and murder of the three Israeli young men and the terrible sadness for their families. We hope that the criminals are caught and punished.
We must also not forget that Palestinians have been killed during Israeli operations, and that their families equally grieve with great sadness.
In this period of great anger, the AJDS is deeply concerned with calls for vengeance by Israeli MPs. We call on all people, including politicians and community leaders, to take immediate action to avoid further violence and suffering. May the memories of all who have been killed remind us to quickly take the necessary steps to create justice and peace.

3 Replies to “Statement on killings of Israeli young people”

  1. Glad it’s already gone out, but uneasy about the mention of Palestinian deaths in this context. It’s not really tit-for-tat.

  2. I encourage Jewish people everywhere to speak out against the occupation, because each Jewish voice carries far more weight in changing this situation than non-Jewish ones.
    We must all struggle each day to remember that above race, religion, ethnicity, culture, and so on, we are all human, and as humans we must remember to act humanely.
    This is not always easy. First, we have to see the truth, and secondly, act to redress injustice and suffering. Speaking out can involve rocking the boat, and this requires courage and fortitude.
    I am writing to give my support to all brave Jewish people to keep seeing the truth and speaking out against the wrongs committed by Israel. Only by persevering in this way can Palestinians and Jewish people live cooperatively side by side (as Semitic people, if I’m not mistaken) – and as they have lived in the past.

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