LimmudX: Video of public forum 10 June 2012

Watch the video of the public forum with some of the contributors to the recently published book: Beyond Tribal Loyalties: Personal Stories of Jewish Peace Activists : Sivan Barak, Peter Slezak, Vivienne Porzsolt, Nicole Erlich, and Avigail Abarbanel (editor).
This forum was refused a place, without explanation, in the program of Limmud Oz 2012, the Festival of Jewish Learning. It was being held in the public interest as an independent event. Each of the speakers spoke about their contribution to the book.
The forum was chaired by June Factor, a long-term advocate of free speech in Australia and a past president of Liberty Victoria. Dr Factor is also an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Australian Centre, University of Melbourne. June’s introduction provides important background as to why it is ‘the right of authors to express their views and we have a responsibility to listen, even if we don’t agree with what they say.’ . June also said, based on her experience as a writer ‘I know the smell, the taste, and the significance of censorship’ and that is why she agreed to chair the session.
The Forum as held in a building adjoining the Limmud Oz conference @ Monash University, Caufield Campus.
There are 4 parts to the video-to watch them all, click the link to Youtube in the video and follow the sequence. Unfortunately, the camera battery ran out in the final minutes…

Part 2