Listen: Jewish community forum on BDS – hosted by AJDS


Our Jewish community forum event discussing BDS in March 2019 brought together accomplished activists and writers to discuss the topic of BDS in the Jewish community. Jews, Israelis and Palestinians come together to answer some of the difficult questions onBDS, and broaden the conversation on Israel/Palestine.

 It saw close to 100 attendees and vibrant discussion that moved well beyond the superficial engagement that ordinarily characterize these discussions in our community. The discussion brought out significant associated issues, including the nature and form of solidarity, Zionism and Diasporism, feminism and theocracy. 

The AJDS was incredibly moved and inspired by the evening. We hope you are too.

Further information is available here on the AJDS campaign encouraging people not to buy settlement products.

The audio of this event cut out the acknowledgement of Country, which of course was held on stolen Boonwurrung land – Country whose sovereignty has never been ceded.


Samah Sabawi
is an award winning author, playwright, and poet and a political analyst for Al-Shabaka, the Palestinian policy network

Jordy Silverstein

Dr Jordy Silverstein is a historian and writer, and a member of the committee of AJDS

Sahar Vardi (joining us over skype)

is an Israeli activist and part of Boycott from Within- -Israeli citizens supporting the Palestinian call for BDS

Alex Fein

is a communications consultant, digital publisher, community activist, and semi-reluctant Orthodox Rebbetzin (rabbinic consort)
AND the AJDS’ own Sivan Barak as moderator.