How the Victorian justice system fails women

Flat Out Inc., a support and advocacy group based in Flemington, has recently released a statement regarding police approaches to women who have had contact with the criminal justice system in Victoria. “Existing police approaches to family violence are failing criminalised women,” they state, adding that “the overwhelming majority of women who end up in prison in Victoria are victims/survivors of family violence.”
You can read the full statement here.
Flat Out Inc, and the Centre for the Human Rights of Imprisoned People have also  recently filed a submission to the Royal Commission into Family Violence, in which they seek to inform the public about the harsh predicament of women who often also struggle with mental illness, drug dependence and a history of family violence.
You can read the submission here.
You can listen to this 3CR podcast about incarcerated women. And here’s a related brief from ABC radio:

ABC Melbourne – Mornings with Jon Faine (01/06/2015 09:22)
Amanda George, from Flat Out, a post release program for women, joins the program. George says up to 90 per cent of incarcerated women have experienced family violence either as children or as adults. George says there is not enough housing for women leaving prison. George says we can save women’s lives and a lot of money by providing housing in the community when women are released. Moore asks what Flat Out provides; George says they provide support for women coming out of prison. George says they are calling on a whole govt approach to have a 50 per cent reduction of women in prison over the next ten years. Moore asks what George’s opinion on the govt’s submission to the Royal Commission; George says police don’t act when a woman is a criminalised woman.

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