How Can We Begin to Think About Decolonising Palestine?

by Nader Ruhayel Comparative settler colonial studies have been productive in highlighting parallels and divergences in the methods of establishment and expansion of settler colonial societies. An examination of the patchwork of juridical, military, political, and social strategies by which these societies are established, can lead us to understand the particular ways in which indigenous […]

Pay the Rent

By Yael Leah, with the help of Uncle Robbie Thorpe Pay the rent concept and history Since the 1970’s there have been repeated calls by indigenous activists for non-Aboriginal Australians to pay the rent to local land owners.  The concept of pay the rent recognises Aboriginal sovereignty of the land.  It recognises that this sovereignty has never been […]

8 Resources to answer the question: how can I support Indigenous solidarity & allyship?

Excerpts from various writings on solidarity and allyship and resources. 1. BOOK: ‘Decolonizing solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles.’ || Clare Land, 2015 The thinking and learning of many community members and activists about how to work in support of Aboriginal struggles has gone into this book, and is crucial reading for […]

Just Voices: issue 15, March 2018: Decolonisation and Indigenous solidarity.

editorial This issue of Just Voices focuses on decolonisation and solidarity with Aboriginal people.  It is hoped to be a resource to challenge our ideas on colonisation, to inspire ways we can be active and effective in the process of decolonisation and to better provide solidarity with Aboriginal people here, and Indigenous people world-wide.   It […]

Annual General Meeting, 2018

Sunday, March 4th. Date: 4th March. Time: 12:00 bbq (vegetarian). 2:00-4:00 AGM meeting.Address: 43 Ebden street, Brighton.Please join us at the pre-meeting bbq and bring some vegetarian food to share.Membership renewal will be available on the day, and we also encourage you to use our new online system here. We have had a number of new […]

Just Voices: Issue 14, 2017: Antisemitism

editorial Dear AJDS members and supporters, This issue of the Australian Jewish Democratic Society’s newsletter, Just Voices, is focused on antisemitism. This is a broad topic that encompasses many different and related phenomena, past and present. It deserves our attention now no less than ever, especially since it is largely neglected in the Left, and […]

Being Jewish in ‘Swedistan’

By Yael W.Shortly after moving to Sweden I was in touch with a relative who emailed with hopes for my safety, living in Malmö with the “Muslim problem.” Having no idea what she was referring to, I went online and did some research. I couldn’t seem to find evidence backing up her concerns. Much of […]

Excerpts from Emma Green “Are Jews White?”

The following excerpts were taken with the author’s permission from this article“As pro- and anti-Trump movements jockey to realize their agendas, the question of Jews and whiteness illustrates the high stakes—and dangers—of racialized politics. Over time, Jews have become more integrated into American society—a process scholars sometimes refer to as “becoming white.” It wasn’t the […]

On Antisemitism by Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP): book review

By Yael W.On Antisemitism is a timely collection of writings given the current increase in popularity and organisation of the Right and far Right. The work is relevant not only given the overt antisemitism from the far Right in Western countries, but also in light of Israel’s most Right-wing government, which highlights the problematic discourse […]