Are you antisemitic? 10 Thing You Might Be Doing

– Jews and revolutionary Jews
From the Facebook group ‘juives et juifs révolutionnaires’ 

1) If you think the words “Israel”, “Zionists” and “Jews” are interchangeable; you may be antisemitic.

2) If you think that a Jewish conspiracy controls the media / international finance / politics / lobbies, you are antisemitic. There is no conspiracy, end of argument. Sorry, conspis and other scrapings of bidets that keep alive and spread this idea of a Jewish conspiracy. It’s at least 120 years that we hear this kind of shit and frankly you should perhaps get some new material…

3) If you use the term “Rothschild” to involve “Jews”, you are an antisemite. And congratulations by the way for the exact use of the same phrases that the Nazis and those who incited tsarist pogroms, etc.

4) If your only defense is “Jews are not a race then I’m not racist” or “the Jews are not the only Semites, so I’m not an antisemite, then you’re probably an antisemite.

5) If you think / demand that the Jews should condemn Israel with every word, tweets, comments, etc., you are an antisemite (see point 1).

6) Supporting the legitimate Palestinian desire for self-determination to enforce human rights and having its own state, and condemning the policies of the Israeli government does not in itself make someone an antisemite. BUT see points 1-5.)

7) If you talk about Palestine whenever we talk about crimes against Jews / Antisemitism / Holocaust / etc., you’re most certainly an antisemite.

8) If you use violence instilled in Palestine by the Israeli government as an excuse to turn away from conversations about antisemitism and violence suffered by Jews, you are not just an antisemite, but you are instrumentalising Palestine and the Palestinian suffering, of which you really do not care.

9) If you think that any Jewish person, or even any Israeli Jew, is guilty of the crimes of the State of Israel and human rights violations, you are an antisemite and also very likely a hypocrite living in a country who has committed many crimes and human rights violations against colonised countries and you do not expect to be held responsible for the violence and oppression of your own country. Watch your consistency.

This article has been published in the AJDS magazine Just Voices, Issue 14, Nov. 2017: Antisemitism.