Comparing Kapos & Jewish Activists is not Kosher

When the horrors of the Holocaust and the actions of the nazis
are associated with more modern events, many of us find the
comparisons to be demeaning and insensitive. When those tags
are applied to Israel we find them totally offensive.
Yet Morry Sztainbok (AJN letters 5/6/2009) finds no problem
using those sorts of comparisons when it comes to people he
clearly despises. To quote him: “..then it was Kapos, today
Jewish ‘peace’ activists; then it was Mein Kampf, today the
charters of Hamas and Fatah.”
So Sztainbok thinks that it is within the acceptable limits of
public debate to associate kapos with Jews he disagrees with,
and compare Palestinians with the nazis. His words make that
I think that sort of vilification is offensive to Jews and
Palestinians. My only comfort is that my letter will be one of
many who condemn Sztainbok’s words. After all, the Jewish
community wouldn’t display a double standard, would it?
Harold Zwier

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