Parliamentary and Press Delegation to Israel–but where are the Palestinians?

The following message has been send to Kevin Rudd, parliamentarians, and journalists in the proposed delegation.
Hon Kevin Rudd
Australian Foreign Minister
Dear Minister Rudd
The Australian Jewish Democratic Society believes that in its present form the visit to Israel by a parliamentary and press
delegation hosted by the Australian Israel Leadership Forum is of limited value.
Not meeting with official Palestinian representatives and civil society organisations in either the West Bank or Gaza demonstrates that Australia does not acknowledge the rights of Palestinians to be equal partners to peace and prosperity in a land to which they have an equal claim. We also understand that meetings have not been scheduled with Palestinian members of the Knesset or the Palestinian Churches.
To be strong partners for peace, Palestinians need all the support they can get from middle-range powers like Australia. The development of a vital Palestinian civil society and economy (including economic relations with Australia) could be co-fostered with Palestinian leaders in the same way that Australia is doing in assuring Israel that in taking significant steps towards a lasting peace it can count on Australia as a friend and supporter.
Visiting one side only sends a contrary message: that Australia is only interested in supporting Israel at a time when the Israeli government is taking an increasingly hard line politically.
To improve the credibility of the Australian parliamentary delegation, we respectfully request that you take advantage of the opportunity to meet with senior Palestinians (some of who have limited freedom of movement) as well as Palestinian-Israeli MPs, and to examine both sides of a tragic and violent situation. We believe that many Israeli human rights organisations would take a similar view.
The Australian Jewish Democratic Society was founded in 1984 by the late Norman Rothfield OAM and others to promote free discussion on Jewish and general social and political issues. Specifically, it grew out of a profound concern at the continuing Israeli-Arab conflict, and has been active in supporting a peaceful solution that brings justice to both
Israelis and Palestinians.