Pyromanics set fire to the West Bank in the name of God

match.jpgHaaretz reports that settlers associated with Kiryat Arba, the Jewish area above Hebron set fire to local Palestinian lands after the Israel authorities removed one of their tiny outposts in the area.
Once again, Palestinians have been victimized and in this case, instead of olive trees being destoyed, arson has been found to be a useful tool. In such dry and hot conditions in mid-summer, this is environmental terrorism as well.
Truly appalling. These junior ayatolloahs deserve some form of excommunication, but no one would dare condemn them from the religious establishment, and they operate with impunity, supported by familial and political connections. Their leader is Itamar Ben-Kvir, who has taken over the fascist cause of Kach thorugh the Jewish National Front Party ever since Kahane’s demise. Ben-Kvir works for an extreme right-wing politician.
Out of control. Completely.

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