No Jews or Irish need apply…in reverse…

isur.jpg25 rabbis in south Tel Aviv have issued a prohibition forbidding residents to rent apartments to foreign workers. The document (pictured) uses quotations from scripture and commentaries to justify this and is supported by a councillor from the Shas party.
This scandal has nothing to do with Palestinians, nothing to do with terror, though they claim immigrants cause crime (the usual excuse crime, as in Australia, is to blame immigrants). They also don’t want ahem, girls associating with them.
This business has got a lot to do with the growth of the state supported religious establishment in Israel, its ignorance, intolerance and its interference in civil society, as well as increased poverty and inequality and competition for cheap housing. It also says something about the need to Israel to embrace multiculturalism.
Don’t they ahem, remember traditional pratices in Europe against their ancestors, or are they really, for want of a better term, a new bunch of rabbinal ayatollah no-nothings?
Coupled with the move to expell the children of illegal foreign workers, and the introduction of loyalty oaths, it is incredibly disturbing. Thank goodness other Israelis have condemned this. Their stupid action also just gives ammo to those who look for any opportunity to condemn Israel, lock, stock, and barrel.
But it is a wake up call to those who wish to struggle for a more equal society, for Palestinians, Jews, and whoever else, whatever its final configuration of Israel in the future.
So those of you who decide to use scam as ‘ammo’. Don’t. Places like Dubai treat indentured foreigners even more badly and of course, Palestinians have been treated very badly throughout the Arab world.

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