Israel vs Saudi Arabia

saudi.jpgThere’s been some discussion on the internet on the ‘hypocrisy’ of Israel for sending relief teams to Haiti when it leads aggression against Palestinians. See, for example,, or another site on the Zionisation of Disaster Relief. As if no other country sees advantages in news and photo opportunities for humanitarian relief.
But at least some people have the sense to give Israel credit, where credit is due.
Of course, Israel’s behaviour is entirely unlike the Saudis, who have given, as far as I can see, NOTHING to relief efforts, unlike Qatar, Jordan, other UAE states, Palestinians themselves, Turkey and even Iran. (LA Times). Well, the financially-strapped Saudis did share condolences. You’d think with all that money being poured by them into higher education, medical schools etc., they could at least send a couple of plane loads of doctors.
But of course, there’s nothing like unfair Israel-bashing.
All my own opinion of course.

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