Gaza protests- a report from Cairo

Vivienne Porzolt is participating in the international protests against the Gaza blockaded.
Below is an account of her experiences from Gaza
Sent: (from Cairo) on Monday, December 28, 2009 6:21 PM
Hi everyone, GMS Bulletin # 3. It is proving harder than I thought to fit in writing these bulletins in a timely fashion. Yesterday was a great day. We went down to a major bridge across the Nile and tied cards of rememberance and flowers to the bridge railings. These were removed almost immediately by the police who follow us everywhere. It is evident that there are spies at our meetings. The police challenged us to move on, but in a very restrained manner. It is obvious that at this stage they are treating internationals with kid gloves, unlike their own nationals.
It is theoretically forbidden to gather in groups of more than 6. However we have found that in greater numbers we can prevail. We had planned yesterday to hire small boats on the nile and float 1400 candles in memory of the people killed in Gaza last year. A good photo op for the media. An easy gentle media event that should not push the police prohibitions. But the police would not allow it. So there we were, all gathered 1400 of us, and we began a strong loud street demo. It was wonderful – songs in a variety of languages. Banners (forbidden) were unfurled. Silly buggars, if they had let us use the boats , there would have been just a few boats and candles floating down the Nile. But they still treated us with kid gloves.
The authorities have prevented us hiring buses to go to AL Arish as planned for today. Various groups have gone on ahead but have been arrested at Al Arish.
As well as the Gaza freedom march, there are a number of other groups operating independently but co-ordinating together.: The French have been successful in getting the co-operation of their Embassy to help get them buses., there are the Spanish and a whole lot of other groups. It is all wonderfully fluid and anarchic. I cannot praise the women of Code Pink highly enough. They are all very experienced operators, operating in the best feminist model, facilitative, clear, not top down like the traditional left, male models. Very competent and nurturing, no bloody ego – yay! Well it looks as if I will be able to get this sent to you as I write.

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