A Jewish Left perspective on the Israel-Palestine conflict (with a personal note on the Australian Jewish Left and the Jewish Community’s tendency to intolerance)

by Robin and David Rothfield  (An address delivered 22 May, 2013, to the B’nai B’rith Yitzhak Rabin group) Thank you , and I wish also to thank Irene, my machataynista, for initiating this invitation, because it gives me the opportunity to document a number of concerns I have with the attitude of many in the […]

Gaza: End This Damned War Now

by MJ Rosenberg reposted from here Today I received an email inviting me to a rally to express solidarity with Israel signed by the major mainstream pro-Israel and Jewish organizations ranging from those on the extreme far right all the way to J Street. J Street! J Street is, of course, the organization that was established as […]