“What I saw last Friday in Hebron”

By Peter Beinart. Published in Haaretz 19/7/16. Jawad Abu Aisha owns a cluttered yard in H2, the sector of Hebron that falls under direct Israeli control. He’d like to turn it into a cinema. Many local Palestinians — lacking recreational opportunities — would like to help him. But Abu Aisha says that Jewish settlers, and […]

49 Years of control without Human rights of the Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – What has changed?

By the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) Originally published at acri.org.il/en/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/49years2016-en.pdf   At first glance, it may seem that the condition of the Palestinians who live in the territories occupied by Israel in June 1967 has changed little, despite the passing decades. Yesterday’s headlines are the same as today’s: confrontations, arrests, military rule, terror […]

The JNF: an inextricable part of global Zionism

Cultivate Justice, the global week of action to educate and challenge common thinking about the Jewish National Fund, is well underway. Why have we taken such a strong stand on the JNF, as progressive Jews who believe in human rights, social justice and the environment? Read this concise history and call to action, by Jordy […]

‘Unpicking Jerusalem: a re-examination of the archives’ by Sary Zananiri

By Keren Tova Rubinstein Sary Zananiri’s mounted and manipulated photographs in Unpicking Jerusalem: a re-examination of the archives reflect Jerusalem’s historical trajectory from 1850-2015 in overt and subtle ways. Though the subject is as infinite as time itself, and though the architectural and human landscape that comprises this place is equally vast and complex, entering […]

Criticism of Israel by soldiers is not defamation

By Harold Zwier Originally published in The Australian Jewish News (AJN) (19 June 2015) The Counterpunch articles by Dvir Abramovich (AJN 15/5/2015 & 12/6/2015) about Israeli NGO “Breaking the Silence”, are a quite extraordinary attack on an Israeli soldiers’ organisation, whose support for the Israeli state is really not in question – unless one has a political agenda […]

Response to recent violence in Jerusalem

Statement issued 19/11/2014 The AJDS condemns the attacks that are occurring in Jerusalem. This violence is heartbreaking and must end immediately. The AJDS calls for leading figures in the current Israeli government and their settler allies to halt their recent actions, which actively work against justice and instead incite violence towards Palestinians. We condemn the […]

Tractor Confiscated Again

22/12/2012 by George Stein On Saturday morning, the army, police and Nature and Parks authority confronted Kher Al Din at his home in Jiftlik, the Jordan Valley. Kher is our neighbor and we were asked to come and witness what was happening and offer our support. About eight men, six of whom carried heavy weaponry, […]