A Jewish call for serious climate action

Beyond politics – a Jewish call for serious climate actionTogether with many other Australians, Jewish people are responding to a dreadful national disaster by contributing money and support to people who have lost loved family members, homes and other property and to volunteers fighting fires or rescuing injured wildlife. (1)This is what Australians do at […]

Just Voices Magazine: Environmentalism

editorial This issue of Just Voices is dedicated to Environmental issues.  In 2015 AJDS released our environment policy.  It states: “The Australian Jewish Democratic Society places itself amongst progressive voices globally, striving for peace and social justice for all of humanity. Today, the progressive vision has inevitably become entwined with environmentalism. A holistic progressive vision […]

Rabbis for Climate Action

Rabbi Jonathon Keren-Black is the rabbi at Leo Baeck centre.  He established JECO (the Jewish Ecological Coalition) and was instrumental in establishing GreenFaith Australia. About a month ago, Rabbis across Melbourne were invited to meet with Scott Morrison, who I note is still described as ‘Our Prime Minister, Scott Morrison’, in case you might think […]

Environment group Showcase:  Earthworker Cooperative

Anna Bodeenberg is a member and board member of Earthworker Cooperative.Reading the news, scrolling social media, listening to politicians it feels like every day there is a new threat to our environment, our climate, our communities. There are countless reasons to feel angry, countless things to protest, countless moments of sadness. What can seem lacking […]

Greenwashing:  The Jewish National Fund

From the AJDS website: www.whatsbehindjnf.orgThe JNF in Australia have tax deductibility status as an environmental organisation. According to the JNF’s website:“Donations of $2.00 or more to the JNF Environment Gift Fund for the planting of trees and other environmental projects are tax deductible.”The JNF advertise themselves as a primarily environmental organisation but they are complicit […]

Climate Action- The Bad News and the Good News

David Rothfield is President of the Bayside Climate Change Action Group (BCCAG) and an AJDS committee member.It’s nearly thirty years since climate change first came on to our political agenda. In 1990, the Coalition under Andrew Peacock pledged to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 20% within 10 years if they won office. Officially, Australia’s emissions have […]

The Forest Industry Taskforce: an opportunity for a better future

In November of 2015, the Victorian government implemented its Forest Industry Taskforce, following Daniel’s election promise.  The taskforce, funded by the Victorian government, brings together various interest groups representing unions and environment groups to develop policy recommendations for the future of Victoria’s forests. The Taskforce will seek broad community support to address key challenges facing […]

South Australia’s push to be the world’s nuclear waste dump

By Jim Green. The South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission released its report in May. Its main recommendation was to consider turning SA into the world’s nuclear waste dump by importing 138,000 tonnes of high level nuclear waste and 390,000 cubic metres of intermediate level nuclear waste. How much money might be made by […]