‘A racist pig’: on embroiling children in the war on refugees

By Jordy Silverstein On March 25 2004 it was reported by the Hobart Mercury that “immigration minister Amanda Vanstone said yesterday she had received letters from primary school children calling her a racist pig.” Apparently, “she said she was not offended by the abusive letters but annoyed children had been influenced to write such things.” […]

Open statement calling for immediate action on offshore detention (initiated by The Refugee Council of Australia)

The Refugee Council of Australia has issued the following statement (3/2/17), of which the AJDS is signatory, along with countless other organisations: We, as a coalition of organisations and community groups from around Australia, are writing to express our concern regarding the humanitarian crisis that Australia has created. Successive Australian governments have managed and funded offshore […]

Come to a reading vigil of #NauruFiles, 12-16 September 2016

We share with you the following initiative from Love Makes a Way: Join us in a Powerful Act of Truth-Telling! Can you sense change is coming? In response to the #NauruFiles, refugee advocates from all different organisations have been holding vigils, rallies and peaceful acts of civil disobedience to let the Government and Opposition know […]

Statement about Aboriginal incarceration and call to action

Like many around the country, members of the AJDS were appalled watching the Four Corners episode last Monday which told the stories of the brutality of Don Dale prison. Although these stories have been previously reported on and shared – particularly by Aboriginal peoples, groups, and media – it was this airing which captured the […]

Befriend a Child in Detention

“It must end,” said Dr June Factor about the detention of children. Their plight was the motive behind a program started in order to connect with children and families in detention, give them hope, inform people about their deplorable fate and advocate for their release. AJDS co-founder, June Factor also founded Befriend a Child in […]


The AJDS endorses the #letthemstay rallies in Melbourne and continues to object fiercely to the detention of asylum seekers. Thousands have already marched to show support for asylum seekers. You can read more about that here. For more details, visit the event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1012303098829129/.        

Ignorance and fear see a return to the days of the child convict

By June Factor The Age, 17/2/2015 Once upon a time, in 1834 to be exact, British civilisation introduced, on the shores of Van Diemen’s Land, the first children’s prison in the British empire. Not far from Port Arthur, Point Puer’s Boys’ Prison housed youthful criminals with the goal of reformation. According to the Governor of […]