Rohingya Asylum Seekers

The AJDS is outraged at the failure to respond to the Rohingya asylum seekers, and Australia’s dismal track record with asylum seekers, refugees and human rights violations.
Why are Australians silent on Rohingya deaths at sea? See here for the Refugee Council of Australia’s report on this issue, 18 May, 2015.
Jeff Sparrow writes in Overland about the last time they turned back the boats. “It’s all depressingly reminiscent of the infamous voyage of the St Louis, a vessel that left Hamburg for Cuba in 1939 carrying 937 Jewish asylum seekers fleeing the intensifying Nazi persecution.” Echoing these thoughts, Robin Rothfield, our executive member, co-wrote this short piece in the Australian today.
Stand up and get involved.
The Refugee Council of Victoria has called for a rally this Friday, 5.30 PM at Bourke St Mall to rescue and resettle the Rohingya refugees and end boat turn backs. Check here for more details.
Read about Refugee Welcome Zones here, and find out how you can help make a difference.

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