ON THE BANKS OF THE TIGRIS: A film celebrating the Jewish contribution to Iraqi music and the cultural ties that link Iraqis of all faiths.
AJDS invites you to hear the music, see cuts from the film, to meet the film makers Marsha Emerman and Majid Shokor and to join us for an Iraqi supper .
When:            7.30pm Sunday 19 August
Where:         1590  High Street, Glen Iris
Donation:      $30.00. All proceeds will be donated towards financing the completion of the film.
Places are limited to 30 so please RSVP ASAP to Dennis Martin at [email protected]au 
To watch the film trailer go to: http://www.fruitfulfilms.com.au/films/tigris
For more information please contact: [email protected]
To make tax deductible donations in Australia use this link: http://www.abaf.org.au/donors/artist-projects/marsha-emerman.html
When Majid Shokor escaped from Iraq to Australia where he now lives, he discovered a hidden history – that many songs all Iraqis love to sing were written and performed by Iraqi Jews. His discovery sparks an extraordinary journey through many lands. This is the story of Majid’s search for the source of the songs he loves and the performers who still sing and play these songs today.  It shows how culture transcends borders and builds bridges between people of all faiths.
On September 27, 2012 the Barbican Centre, London, UK will mount the Banks of the Tigris peace concert.  The superb Iraqi musicians Yair Dalal from Israel, Ahmed Mukhtar from London, and Farida’s Iraqi Maqam Ensemble from Amsterdam will all perform.  The film’s storyteller Majid Shokor will be the concert MC.
This special concert and rehearsals will be filmed as part of On the Banks of the Tigris, to send a message of peace and reconciliation to audiences around the world.  The concert and film will show how Iraqi music and culture crosses religious boundaries and expresses the aspirations of Jews, Muslims and Christians to live together in harmony, as they did for thousands of years.
On the Banks of the Tigris is more than a film – it’s an ongoing project to promote peace, cultural connection and community harmony.
The Tigris team (Marsha and Majid) have visited schools, interfaith and community groups, where their talk and work-in-progress screenings create dialogue and discussion.  These visits contribute to greater understanding of Iraq, the Middle East, and the humanity that transcends religious or political boundaries.