Old AJDS Newsletters

The AJDS contains a wealth of local and international opinion from sources that you might otherwise never see. If you want to be informed, read it! Sivan Barak is now editing the Newsletter, after many years of wonderful work by Sol Salbe.
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Newsletters from 1999-2002 can be accessed via this link on the Internet Archive.
Download files by date below.
AJDS Newsletter June 2011.pdf
AJDS Newsletter September-October 2010.pdf
Newsletter April 2009.pdf
Newsletter April 2010.pdf
Newsletter August 2009.pdf
Newsletter August 2010.pdf
Newsletter December 2009.pdf
Newsletter Febraury 2011.pdf
Newsletter February 2009 SB.pdf
Newsletter February 2010.pdf
Newsletter July 2009.pdf
Newsletter July 2010.pdf
Newsletter June 2010.pdf
Newsletter March 2007.pdf
Newsletter March 2009.pdf
Newsletter May 2009.pdf
Newsletter May 2010.pdf
Newsletter November 2009(2).pdf
Newsletter October 2009.pdf
Newsletter September 2009.pdf