Halal certification and Islamophobia

halalIn recent weeks the Australian Jewish Democratic Society has received a few worrying emails. The emails appeal to support a campaign to end Halal certification based on unfounded and incorrect claims that Australians’ tax money goes towards the payment of Halal certification, asserting that “Halal certification is a ‘GST or Jizya’ by stealth.”
These petitions also assert that Australian society is a mix of many minority religious groups, including Jews, that do not demand any type of certification.
In fact the system of Halal certification works in the same way as Jewish Kashrut certification and other health labeling, whereby companies seeking Halal certification pay a flat administrative fee for this service.
Halal certification is benefiting not only Muslim communities in Australia, but opens up trade markets to private businesses contributing millions to the Australian economy.
The Islamic Council of Victoria has also denounced Islamophobic claims that the Halal ‘tax’ is being used to fund radical Islamist groups in a media statement released 12th February. They state: “The proceeds from halal certification are put back into the Australian economy. The Australian Crime Commission, which last year completed an investigation into money laundering in Australia, has said it is “not aware of any direct links” between the industry and violent extremist groups.”
Not only are these assertions against Halal certification false, but they are perpetuating bigoted and xenophobic views of Muslims and aggravate racial attacks.
Further information on Halal certification is readily available from this website:
We urge you to also engage in refuting anti Halal claims and condemning the rise of racism towards Muslims.
For further reading: http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/apr/14/the-rhetoric-used-by-critics-of-the-halal-racket-will-be-familiar-to-jews