EVENT- Gaza in context: A Palestinian perspective+ Audio

UPDATE:  This was a very well attended event, and fortunately, there are mp3 audio files.  Abu Sarah was introduced by Jordy Silverstein and the meeting was chaired by Sivan Barak-Baroda of the AJDS Executive. If you want to save the mp3s, use your right hand mouse button.
Aziz 1
Aziz 2
[ Abu Sarah views are those of the pragmatic ‘radical middle’ — a person who will talk to anyone, without pulling any punches about his lack of rights as a Palestinian, including the right and necessity of non-violent protest.
Aziz certainly ‘acceptable’ to liberal Jewish audiences because he is free of invective and prepared to talk to anyone.  But he is no uncle Tom-the occupation and its machine is evil and as a refugee he still lacks a passport. If people think that he can be easily paraded around as  ‘nice Palestinian’, and that they can pretend it is all OK and nothing needs to be done, I think they are wrong.
Due to a glitch, his full discussion of the implications of non-violent protest at Nabi Saleh (where there has been a history of attacks and killing by the IDF), a the very end of the first audio  was cut off. He was making the point that the fear of the IDF  that the spread of non-violent protest to many places means game over for the Israel army and the occupation. Their activity becomes totally unjustified.  I think he also mentioned the history of  non-violent protest spreading in other countries as well. At 26′ in the second audio, he also takes up the issue of ‘legitimization’ and ‘delegitimization’– Larry Stillman ].

Larry Stillman]

As Israel and Palestine again descend into a tragic cycle of violence the AJDS is proud to present a talk on December 10, World Human Rights Day by National Geographic Explorer of the Year and peace activist: Aziz Abu Sarah.
Aziz Abu Sarah will discuss the currently unfolding events in Gaza, Palestinian non-violent resistance and the UN Statehood bid.
Community Event at: Caufield Park Pavillion on Monday 10 December at 7pm
Location map here


Aziz Abu Sarah is a Palestinian peace activist, born and raised in Jerusalem.

Aziz is also a columnist with Al Quds newspaper and is the co-executive director of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. He runs alternative tours to the Middle East with a focus on Israel and the West-Bank through MEJDI a social enterprise he co-founded.
Aziz has spoken in hundreds of universities, churches, synagogues and mosques on the subject of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, peace, reconciliation, and interfaith dialogue.
He was recently named National Geographic Explorer of the Year.
More information on Aziz can be found here and here

Seats are limited so please RSVP to [email protected] to secure your place.