Connecting the Shots: a new campaign from Sedq to map the global network of merchants of violence

Sedq – The Global Jewish Network for Justice, in which AJDS Executive Committee member, Dr. Jordy Silverstein, is an active member, has developed a new campaign. Connecting the Shots is based around a Facebook page, which explains: Image may contain: text
“Across the world, military industries, both state and private companies, collaborate with each other and with national governments, selling arms, sharing ideas, and enacting violence on a grand scale. Connecting the Shots maps this transnational movement of goods, finances, and knowledge in order to part of a global movement working for its dismantlement.”
You can read more here.
Sedq is a network of Jewish people(s) from around the world working for justice in Palestine as part of the global struggle for justice in the world. “We believe that it is essential for there to be a global Jewish voice to challenge Israel’s destructive and repressive policies. We reclaim Jewish identity not as a nationalist identity but as one that celebrates our diverse roots, traditions & communities wherever we are around the world. This international Jewish network aims to help build (strengthen) this voice.”
Read Sedq’s statement: “As the practices of criminalisation, incarceration, detention and deportation are global, so too must be our resistance” (4/5/17).


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