Prominent Israelis who support a state of Palestine

Jstreet has an ongoing campaign in support of a two state solution. Strangely, it seems little known in Australia. What is very important is that it has the backing of the cream of the Israeli establishment including many with military and intelligence experience.
While the positions that Jstreet takes are often regarded as too compromising, its general sentiments should be lauded.

Demonising parents

Demonising parents
[This letter appeared in the Melbourne Age today. Miriam is an AJDS member. Joe Hockey, is the Shadow Treasurer]
Joe Hockey’s comment that parents who sent unaccompanied minors in boats to Australia were engaged in an act of bastardry shows an unbelievable lack of empathy (”Young asylum seekers pose quandary”, The Saturday Age, 6/8). Has Hockey not heard of the Kindertransport, for example, when desperate Jewish parents in Germany sent children as young as six with strangers to the UK?

"Syria must stop using violent strategies against civilians, now"

UNHCR statement on Syria
“GENEVA (5 August 2011) – A group of UN human rights experts today warned that the scale and gravity of the violent crackdown in the Syrian Arab Republic continues unabated, and reiterated their call for an immediate end to the violent strategies adopted by the Government to quash the on-going demonstrations.

Address by Ghassan Khatib — Envoy of President Mahmoud Abbas to Australia

Ghassan Khatib is on a short speaking tour of Australia.
I taped this speech by him and a couple of questions during an address at the Victorian State Parliament to the Parliamentary Friends of Palestine on 2 August 2011. Later in the day he spoke to a very large meeting organised in conjunction with the PFP by the Jewish Capital Forum, also at the same location and this is to be broadcast on Channel 31 in the near future. He is also speaking to Palestinian audiences.

The Protests in Israel for a Palestinian state- a local account.

Viv Porszolt, a member of AJDS and recently detained and then released in Israel, provides her account of the recent rally in Israel in support of a Palestinian state.
“On July 15, former NSW Greens MP Sylvia Hale and I used the freedom from deportation awarded us by an Israeli court to good effect. We joined the largest rally for some years in support of a Palestinian state ahead of the expected United Nations vote in September.

A foolish move by the Knesset to engage in supression of action against the Occupation.

“The landmark bill criminalizes support of boycotts against Israel and its occupation, exposing individuals and organizations that support such boycotts to endless lawsuits and heavy fines. The anti-boycott bill is latest in a wave of pernicious legislation being debated in the Knesset which attack freedom of speech and expression, often specifically targeting Israel’s Palestinian minority.”
“A Knesset study found similar laws in countries like Venezuela and Eritrea, but not in any democracy”.

Naomi Chazan–Realism in peace-making: a left perspective (audio)

Naomi Chazan spoke to a well-attended drinks and nibbles function of AJDS supports and friends on Wednesday 16 June 2011.
You can listen to the mp3 audio files (unfortunately, the room was a bit dim and the video isn’t 100%, nor is the audio, but it well worth considering her argument, even if you don’t agree with it all).
The audio files are attached at the end of this page.
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A very characteristic photo of Naomi at function, with the menu in the background.

A Panel on dissent in the Jewish Community @ Limmud Oz Sydney 2011 (audio)

I, Michael Brull, a young writer and blogger and Mark Baker, of the Centre for Jewish Civilization at Monash, representing three different viewpoints on a left continuum, talked about dissent in the Jewish community for a panel at Limmud Oz 2011 in Sydney. You can listen to the sound file below.
The session was chaired by Angela Budai, replacing Jenny Green who withdrew in protest at the censoring by the organisers of Peter Slezak and Viv Porzolt. Their session on another topic was cancelled because of their political views on BDS (Background to this is linked here and another perspective here.)