Statement from the AJDS about Operation Breaking Dawn

The AJDS is strongly against the new round of violence involving Gaza and Israel in operation Breaking Dawn. We recognise that victims of Israeli rockets are overwhelmingly civilians and that Israelis across Israel are living in fear of rocket attacks launched by Islamic Jihad. Pin-point killings are a myth. If urban warfare occurs, it may be as brutal as we saw in previous bombings of Gaza with the potential to escalate into another version of the July 2014 Operation Protective Edge in which around 2,220 Palestinians and several dozen Israelis were killed.

We reject the claims that these attacks, with such a high civilian toll are genuinely advancing the security interests of Israelis. They represent the triumph of narrow military thinking over political action. These actions breed more suffering, hatred, and extremism. It can only lead to further acts of violence, increased segregation and regional isolation. We recognise that Israelis will never be truly safe and secure until Palestinians feel they are free. On this basis, there is no option but to find a political resolution.

We call on Israel and Islamic Jihad to immediately implement a ceasefire, and commence serious good-faith negotiations, to meet the humanitarian needs of Gazans. Islamic Jihad must also be reigned in by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority. The US and Egypt cannot stand idly by in this situation.

Although words are important they are insufficient. We encourage all our members and supporters to let the Australian government know that it should condemn this violence. Contact the Foreign Minister Penny Wong, the Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Israeli Ambassador in Australia, asking them to pressure the Israeli, Hamas and Egyptian authorities to resolve this current conflict diplomatically.

AJDS Committee
7 August, 2022