A very naughty J**- boy

naughtyboy.jpg[Of course, this opinion is endorsed by no-one but the writer]
“Ham-fisted Zionist propoganda on the Sabbath”
“whores for Israel”

If we saw the phrases “pork chops on Ramadam” or “whores for Saudi Arabia”, as political insults. we should be pretty worried by the intent, if we are engaged to bring along an audience. I think we should therefore treat above phrases with some concern. Whether or not one is religious or secular, the first phrase certainly raises a few eyebrows, putting ham and the Sabbath together to make a political point, even if most Jews are not kosher.
The second phrase, referring to bloggers who are Zionists, is certainly reminiscent of Nazi propaganda and the expression ‘Jewish whore’. Even if the writer doesn’t know about WWII, it’s an insult to sex workers and I suspect, a lot of Jewish women as well.
Of course, the writer of these expressions could claim that the phrases are meant to be confrontationist and somewhat ironical. After all, Jewish humour is frequently self-mocking, and feminists often use strong language about themselves.
However, the writer is no satirist, but none-other than Anthony Lowenstein, a leading blogger, who depending on how one looks at it, is ant-Zionist, anti-Israel, or just immature.
I think it’s become the latter case, though no longer just immature. He’s using (as is his right), fairly nasty language to argue a political point about some pretty dubious activities on behalf of Israeli propogandists.
Doubtless, some of his supporters will love getting stuck into Jews (sorry, Israelis) and enjoy some nice stereotypes. But I hope a lot of people are distinctly uncomfortable and send him an email laxative, I mean, corrective, ‘cos what he’s done doesn’t help in the slightest. Anthony’s no Woody Allen, Groucho, or Salman Rushdie for that matter.
Wash your mouth out, sonny!

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