Is It Right To Speak Of A 'Jewish Lobby'?

What motivates the fierce attacks by some Australian Jews against others?
Larry Stillman looks at why some people want to shut down debate on Israel so badly.
Many observers of the ongoing debate over Israel and its place in Middle Eastern issues have wondered at the ferocity and influence of those voices promoting what is often called a “pro-Israel” position.
Published in New Matilda, 4 Aug 2009:
(Note that some of the comments are patently offensive, erroneous and come from various racists and conspiracy theorists.)
The opportunity to make comments was also closed before a final response could be made to the accusation by ‘Dylan6’ that the AJDS was ‘extremist’. That and rather convoluted and mendacious argument is another example of sectarianism on the part of those who can’t admit that the AJDS has been an opinion leader for years. The constant call for ‘balance’ on the part of such critics as Dylan6 is a way of denying the right to say that Israeli politics and practices are at times, a disgrace, or contrawise, that aspects of Palestinian/Arab politics or action are at time, a disgrace. The lack of ‘balance’ is used to claim that our criticisms are inherently anti-Israel, which they are not. We wish for a safe and democratic future for Israel.
Having to constantly ‘balance’ (for example in the Gaza war situation) by pointing out faults ‘on the other side’ (Palestinians i.e. the relentless Hamas rocket campaign against Sderot–for which of course, Palestinians say is a response to Israeli violence) does nothing to advance the course of internal Israeli democracy.

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