Australia should object to treatment of Palestinian Detainees.

The following message has been communicated to Bob Carr as Minister for Foreign Affairs and other MPs.
The Australian Jewish Democratic Society urges the Australian government to express its deep concern to the Israeli government over the use of administrative detention with Palestinian prisoners, the result of which is the widespread hunger strike by Palestinian prisoners.
Administrative detention regulations which allow Israel to hold prisoners without charge in arbitrary detention for what amounts to an indeterminate period are arcane and contrary to principles of human rights and particularly, the right to a fair trial for alleged crimes, and legal assistance.
Sarit Michael, from the Israeli human rights organisation BĀ“Tselem states that “Our analysis of the use of administrative detention by Israel leads us to conclude that it is used in a way that far exceeds the provisions in international law,” , and concludes that that Israel is using administrative detention to hold onto people who are a thorn in their side, even when there has been no criminal activity.
This is not appropriate activity for a country which promotes itself as a democracy ruled by law.
Yours sincerely
Larry Stillman
Harold Zwier
11 May 2012
More information, see B’Tstelem.