Gaza violence

iron shield rocketThe current round of violence between Israel and Gaza militants is another reminder, more than ever, of the need for international intervention in the region because both sides are incapable of resolving the situation. The civilian deaths in Gaza are to be particularly deplored, because based on past experience, this will do nothing to change the behaviour of those who fire rockets at Israel.
We also urge the Australian government do to all it can to bring about a cessation of hostilities and a long-term resolution of the Palestine-Israel conflict.
In 2010 AJDS passed a motion at its AGM which included the following points which we continue to endorse.
“We call upon Israel to end the blockade of the Gaza Strip and restore the supply of fuel, food and medicines, school supplies and other materials needed to support the population;
2. We call on Israel to immediately cease the practice of collective punishment and to stop any military action endangering the life of the civilian populations inside the Gaza Strip, and an end to Palestinian attacks;
3. We also call upon Egypt to open the Rafah border crossing to restore the fuel, food and medicines, school supplies and other materials needed to support the population;
4. Furthermore, we call upon Egypt and Israel to open the borders and airport to so that ordinary export and trade from Gaza can occur into local and international markets.
Endorsed at the AGM.”
The following letter also appeared from the AJDS in The Australian on Jan 4 2010 and remains pertinent.
“THE civilian population of Gaza continues to suffer a a year after Operation Cast Lead. The Israeli government, while using propaganda to deny the facts, continues to besiege the Palestinian population through collective punishment. The price of the siege of Gaza and the illegal occupation of the territories is one that provokes violence, extremism, and retaliation while Israel continues to be cruelly repressive. Because of this, Palestinians will continue to suffer far more than Israelis, and Israel itself become more cocooned and devoid of any moral authority. Even if Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs cannot live easily together, they should at least have the opportunity to live in two independent and viable states without permanent militarisation.”

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