EVENT: Re-imagining the Jewish Community: A Forum for Young Jews

peace globeSunday, 4 March 2012
15:00 until 17:00
Multicultural Hub Melbourne -Green Room, 506 Elizabeth Street (opposite the Queen Victoria Market), a short walk from Melbourne Central station
What kind of Jewish community do we want?
What issues are important to us and what do we want to do about them?
Lots of us young Jews are searching for a Jewish identity which is relevant to the issues facing the world today. Many of us also feel alienated from the mainstream Melbourne Jewish community.
So let’s come together to talk about the kind of Jewish community that would be meaningful to each of us. We’ll talk about the kinds of ideas, events and programs which could exist: we’ll challenge the idea that there can only be one Jewish community, or one Jewish way of thinking, in Melbourne.

Who are the AJDS?
The AJDS was formed in 1984 to promote free discussion on Jewish and general social and political issues. Our approach can best be summed up as a progressive voice amongst Jews, a Jewish voice amongst progressives. We challenge the idea that Jews in Melbourne speak with one voice. We challenge mainstream Jewish positions on the Israel/Palestine conflict. We stand in solidarity with Indigenous people in Australia and their struggles for land rights and justice. We oppose the vilification and detention of asylum seekers seeking refuge in Australia. We believe urgent action is necessary to combat catastrophic climate change. We work towards building a feminist world. We create spaces that are open to people of all sexualities and oppose the marginalisation of LGBTIQ people within the community.The AJDS is aiming to build a progressive Jewish community that can speak out about Israeli policy but does not centre Jewish experience or identity on Israel, nor on the Holocaust.
The AJDS recognises the vacuum that exists in the Jewish community for young people concerned about social justice and environmental sustainability. With your help we aspire to fill it. To that end, we’ve recently employed a young community organiser, who will be able to provide support for implementing the ideas and plans that we develop over the day.
We’re hoping to have some wide-ranging discussions – in small groups and all together.
Topics we might want to talk about could include:
– Why is it important to have ‘a progressive voice amongst Jews and a
Jewish voice amongst progressives’?
– What would a Jewish identity that is not based on the Holocaust and
Zionism look like?
– What are some projects (i.e. around indigenous solidarity, asylum seeker solidarity, environmental issues, queer activism) you would like to be involved in to build this identity and be part of creating a strong young progressive Jewish voice?
Afternoon tea provided
The Melbourne Multicultural Hub is a short walk north from Melbourne Central Station.
For more info about the AJDS check out our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/AustralianJewishDemocraticSociety
Please email AJDS Community Organiser Max Kaiser at [email protected] with any enquiries

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