Enhancing the AJDS' Engagement with Young People – Research Report

social-action.jpgIn 2011, the AJDS commissioned a Research Report about engagement with younger politically and socially active people in the Jewish Community. It was researched and ritten by Helen Rosenbaum, PhD.
The following extract summarizes the report, with the full report attached.
For any inquires, please contact Max Kaiser at co @ ajds.org.au.
The Australian Jewish Democratic Society (AJDS) has existed for over 20 years as a “Jewish Voice Amongst Progressives and Progressive Voice amongst Jews”. With fluctuating levels of activity – as can be expected from a voluntary committee – the AJDS has attempted to provide a forum for debate and discussion on social justice, human rights, conflict resolution and environmental issues. While these issues resonate well with many politically aware young people, an examination of the AJDS membership indicates that we have failed to attract young people.
This research was undertaken to explore how AJDS can engage more effectively with people aged 25-45 years, who are politically aware and generally share AJDS’s socially progressive values and concerns. Sixteen people were interviewed, encompassing 13 young Jews under 45 years of age and representatives of Jewish and non-Jewish organisations. Eleven of the 13 young interviewees are actively engaged either professionally or in a voluntary capacity in political activism, promoting social justice, or supporting environmental advocacy.
The findings indicate that a socially progressive Jewish voice is valued by politically aware young Jews, many of whom are searching for a secular Jewish community to belong to. The young interviewees greatly appreciate AJDS as a counterbalance to the conservatism of the mainstream Jewish community and its leadership. However, it appears that for the majority of young Australian Jews, the AJDS is not visible. Indeed, even amongst those who do know of us, there is a lack of clarity about our scope, values and goals.
Please see full report attached-

Research Report.pdf

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