What are the different Palestinian positions over the State of Palestine?

Pal flag and old manI’ve come to realize that there are strong divisions within the Palestinian ‘camp’ over the validity of the bid for recognition of the State of Palestine by the UN.
One of the key problems is the internal struggle over ‘who speaks for Palestinians’ and the disputed claim that the PLO is the ‘authentic voice’ of the Palestinian people. Since there has been no election process for all Palestinians or descendants of Palestinians (and the complexity that such a descent claim entails) this problem appears to be irresolvable unless in fact there is an election process set in place for the new state.

There seem to be 3 basic positions over the state recognition issue.
1. There appear to be those who reject the move in toto, because it is seen as dominated by the PA/PLO, which they regard as discredited, having abandoned inalienable rights (to quote the UN resolution) dear to Palestinians such as the right of return. Some still seem to even reject the 1948 boundaries as well. One state is the only answer for such people. There also appears to be a view that this is all part of a conspiracy to hound the Palestinian people once again.
2. Palestinians who regard it as deeply compromised by the PA/PLO’s accommodationism, though they don’t reject the solution in its entirety.
3. Those who argue it is in fact a significant step forward, for all the political problems over PA/PLO legitimacy and the dangers of the State being regarded as a bantustan by Israel. I hope that the majority opinion of Palestinians also sees that this option is an opportunity to build strong state institutions, support internal reconciliation, and engage in trust building with those in Israel who also support an independent Palestine, rather than falling back on the failed script that pretends that Israel and Israelis just don’t exist. The State of Palestine could also enter into strong negotiations over right of return, compensation, and other mechanisms for resolving the fracture caused by the Naqba. The aim should be for redistributive justice for Palestinians, not retribution.
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