Israel boycott needs targeted approach- an opinion

bds.jpgBen Saul who teaches International Law in Sydney has a very good article in which I think he points out some of the flaws of a blanket BDS approach because it actually works against allies on the Israeli side (No matter what ideologues say, and left Israelis are more than the well-known names that are trotted out to demonstrate ‘cooperation’). This does not mean that there is going to be an attempt to white out or blanket the problems of Palestinians with an ‘equal’ narrative. Far from it. But for whatever reason (pride? denial of Israel/Israeli Jewish presence? or a rightful fear of colonization-in-struggle, there appears to be reluctance to do so). If there is a lesson to be learned from the anti-apartheid movement is that it reached out to all communities, including those who were technically members of the oppressor class.
And Saul has this great line to those who refuse to accept the fact that Israel is a nasty occupier ” At the same time, those who naively oppose any action against Israel need to open their eyes to what is being done in the name of an Israel which has fallen so far: the paradoxically brutal, yet cavalier, plundering of another people‚Äôs inheritance.”

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