Settler Gets 18 months for kidnapping–was it justice?

attacked palest.jpg“According to Yesh Din’s data, about 90 percent of complaints filed by Palestinians against Israeli citizens who harm them and their property end without any indictments….The case is one of the most severe cases ever handled by human rights group Yesh Din – the kidnap and assault of a Palestinian 15 year old boy of the West Bank village of Kusra. The boy was kidnapped by two assaulters near the Esh Kodesh outpost. The two offenders battered him, and left him naked, wounded, and bound in an open field.”
From Yesh Din
A settler has now been sentenced to 18 months for kidnapping and torture of that Palestinian youth–there is debate over what appears to be a very light sentence as compared to what a Palestinian would get for the same act.

For further details see 972+
I’m engaged in a debate with strong Zionists on Galusaustralis who can’t see any contradiction between their Zionism and its outcomes, yet here is another example of nationalism gone haywire.

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