Fred Nile's troops behind opposition to the Alma Road Community House?

FredNile.jpgThis is all very local politics, but another test for diversity and freedom of peaceful association.
There is a planning application to increase the size of meetings so that a Muslim prayer group can meet for a couple of hours a week in St Kilda, Victoria at a community centre.
Opposition is being led by a group not from St Kilda. They are strong anti-Muslims, making all sorts of outrageous accusations.
Fortunately, responsible Jewish organisations have denounced the campaign, as outlined here and here.
The lead person in the anti-Community House campaign (Vickie Janson) was the number 1 candidate for the right wing Christian Democratic Party in the last Victorian elections, and she has also been a Senate candidate. The party is led by the Rev. Fred Nile, a well-known partisan preacher of intolerance in New South Wales. While the QSociety (the anti-Muslim group) claims to be speaking in support of Judeo-Christian values, the CDP makes it quite clear that Australia is a Christian, not any other nation.
Sign the petition in support of freedom of religion and in support of tolerance.

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