Television 01.jpgThere is an excellent commentary the hysteria being whipped up about Iran in the US (and in the Australian Jewish community)
“Who needs AIPAC when all it takes is a few interviews with Israeli “sources” to scare the hell out of the Jews — courtesy of Israel’s spokespeople in the American media?
There is [a] reason for this hysterical warmongering, and that is simply to push the onus for attacking Iran on the US and – when it fails to do so — portray Obama as weak and appeasing to Iran. And that is in order to get more votes for a Congress that will be even more favorable to Israel – if that’s possible – and to further cripple a naturally hesitant and wimpy on Israel administration.”
The piece (and all the links) are by the blogger Jerry Haber.
A more nuanced view of the situation in Iran can also be found by the Israeli-Iranian scholar David Menashri
Useful Idiot: see
Ahmadinejad is this generation’s Jewish bogeyman. The Iranian people should vote him out of office, but for existential threats to Israel, Iran is the last place to look.