Israel’s Useful Idiots in the US Media

Television 01.jpgThere is an excellent commentary the hysteria being whipped up about Iran in the US (and in the Australian Jewish community)
“Who needs AIPAC when all it takes is a few interviews with Israeli “sources” to scare the hell out of the Jews — courtesy of Israel’s spokespeople in the American media?
There is [a] reason for this hysterical warmongering, and that is simply to push the onus for attacking Iran on the US and – when it fails to do so — portray Obama as weak and appeasing to Iran. And that is in order to get more votes for a Congress that will be even more favorable to Israel – if that’s possible – and to further cripple a naturally hesitant and wimpy on Israel administration.”
The piece (and all the links) are by the blogger Jerry Haber.
A more nuanced view of the situation in Iran can also be found by the Israeli-Iranian scholar David Menashri
Useful Idiot: see
Ahmadinejad is this generation’s Jewish bogeyman. The Iranian people should vote him out of office, but for existential threats to Israel, Iran is the last place to look.

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