The bunker mentality or a truly democratic Israel

israel_flag.jpgThe bunker mentality or a truly democratic Israel
Peter Beinart’s essay in the New York Review of Books about the demise of liberal Zionism has caused has caused quite a stir.
Moshe Yaroni (a nom de plume) has continued the discussion on his blog, in which he says:
“Whether from a left or right wing Zionist tradition, the dividing line between the bunker mentality and the goal of making Israel a truly democratic society (something it has been much closer to being in the past but never fully attained) is what determines whether one will support Israel’s current suicidal course or work to steer it back toward the vision of its founders…They do not live in fear of a next Holocaust as their parents did, and if it does threaten to come about, they don’t believe Israel is going to be the only option… Israel’s insistence that it just needs better public relations campaigns is a dead-end”
The article is well worth a read.

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