Idiots of the Day in New Zealand

kiwi sign.jpgThe minuscule Workers Party of NZ is opposed to the establishment of an Israel Embassy in NZ for all the usual rejectionist reasons, and news reports are filtering over the internet.
This is dumb dumb dumb and reinforces stereotypes about Kiwis not always having good political sense.
It the Workers Party were really serious, they’d also want to close down the exceedingly bad taste Iranian Embassy in Wellington (just around the corner from some friends’ house), cancel agriculture export trade to that country, and quite a few others that are associated with acts of imperialism, the arms trade etc.
Once again, such acts only push the Israelis and Diaspora Jews more into the corner and reinforce the batten down the hatches at all costs mentality.
Plus it wouldn’t give the WSP anywhere to hold anti-Israel protests, would it?

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